seqmagick info describes one or more sequence files


seqmagick info examples/*.fasta

name                      alignment  min_len  max_len  avg_len  num_seqs
examples/aligned.fasta    TRUE       9797     9797     9797.00  15
examples/dewrapped.fasta  TRUE       240      240      240.00   148
examples/range.fasta      TRUE       119      119      119.00   2
examples/test.fasta       FALSE      972      9719     1573.67  15
examples/wrapped.fasta    FALSE      120      237      178.50   2

Output can be in comma-separated, tab-separated, or aligned formats. See seqmagick info -h for details.


usage: seqmagick info [-h] [--input-format INPUT_FORMAT]
                      [--out-file destination_file] [--format {tab,csv,align}]
                      [--threads THREADS]
                      sequence_files [sequence_files ...]

Info action

positional arguments:

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --input-format INPUT_FORMAT
                        Input format. Overrides extension for all input files
  --out-file destination_file
                        Output destination. Default: STDOUT
  --format {tab,csv,align}
                        Specify output format as tab-delimited, CSV or aligned
                        in a borderless table. Default is tab-delimited if the
                        output is directed to a file, aligned if output to the
  --threads THREADS     Number of threads (CPUs). [1]