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convert and mogrify

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  • Change seqmagick extract-ids --source-format to --input-format to match other commands (GH-29)
  • Support gzip- and bzip2-compressed inputs and outputs for most commands (GH-30)
  • Change default input format for sff to sff-trim, which respects the clipping locations embedded in each sequence record.
  • Add --details-out option to seqmagick quality-filter, which writes details on each read processed.
  • Match barcode/primer seqmagick quality-filter against a trie; allows per-specimen barcodes.
  • Remove --failure-out option from seqmagick quality-filter. See --details-out
  • Raise an error if number of codons does not match number of amino acids in seqmagick backtrans-align
  • Add --sample subcommand (GH-31)


  • Fix bug in --squeeze
  • More informative messages in seqmagick primer-trim
  • Added --alphabet flag to allow writing NEXUS (GH-23)
  • Exiting without error on SIGPIPE in extract-ids, info (GH-17)
  • Ambiguities are translated as ‘X’ in –translate (GH-16)
  • Allowing ‘.’ or ‘-‘ as gap character (GH-18)
  • --name-prefix and --name-suffix no longer create a mangled description (GH-19)
  • Files owned by another user can be mogrified, as long as they are group writeable (GH-14)
  • Add backtrans-align subcommand, which maps unaligned nucleotides onto a protein alignment (GH-20)
  • Allow FASTQ as input to quality-filter
  • Significantly expand functionality of quality-filter: identify and trim barcodes/primers; report detailed failure information.
  • Cleanup, additional tests
  • Add --drop filter to convert and mogrify (GH-24)
  • Apply current umask when creating files (GH-26)
  • Support stdin in seqmagick info (GH-27)
  • Support translating ambiguous nucleotides, if codon translation is unambiguous


  • Fix bug in quality-filter MinLengthFilter
  • Case consistency in seqmagick


  • Internal reorganization - transformations are converted to partial functions, then applied.
  • Argument order now affects order of tranformation application.
  • Change default output format to ‘align’ for TTYs in seqmagick info
  • Add BioPython as dependency (closes GH-7)
  • Add primer-trim subcommand
  • Add option to apply custom function(s) to sequences
  • Add new filtering options: --squeeze-threshold, --min-ungapped-length --include-from-file --exclude-from-file
  • Removed seqmagick muscle
  • Added new subcommand quality-filter
  • Added new subcommand extract-ids (closes GH-13)
  • Allow use of ‘-‘ to indicate stdin / stdout (closes GH-11)
  • Add mapping from .phyx to phylip-relaxed (targeted for BioPython 1.58)


  • Refactoring
  • Added hyphenation to multi-word command line options (e.g. --deduplicatetaxa -> --deduplicate-taxa)
  • Add support for .needle, .sff formats
  • Close GH-4


Initial release